D3rk Matter Academy #001 with Dave Fogarty aka Ginger beard photos Conor Mcgregor's personal photographer

Dave Fogarty is a photographer who gets to travel the world with Conor McGregor snapping intimate moments in the life of the superstar. He is an incredible photographer who shoots on Sony Alpha RIII. He is also the head photographer for McGregor productions. Dave is an accomplished MMA fighter himself.

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He has shot a few famous faces in his time Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson, Drake and the Migos to name a few. But Daves talent doesn’t just lie in photographing celebrities. His talent lays in the quality of his work and his work ethic. His approach to his work and how he does things.

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I sat down with Dave and chat about photography, how he got started and why he made the switch from Canon to Sony.

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Some of Dave’s amazing work www.instagram.com/ginger_photos_photos

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