D3rk Matter does Dublin for a music video for artist NAD


Check out www.instagra.com/nadofficialmusic

We were approached to do a music video by the artist NAD . After working on a look book with the artist we then jumped on the hunt get the right location. We decided the only way to pull this off was to get access to an infinity curve. The video is mainly a mix of performance and different striking looks.

What’s an infinity curve i hear you say?


In photography, an infinity cove or infinity cyclorama is an all-white space with no corners, designed to give the impression that the background of an object extends to infinity. Infinity coves range from a simple roll of paper to whole studios.

We weren’t able to find a studio with a white infinity curve in Belfast. So we travelled down to The Mill studios in Dublin.

We shoot all our video content on a Red Scarlet W with Canon Lenses. We used a mixture of Arri L7c’s and Pixparo 200 daylight. We setup the Arri’s pointed on the background and the Pixapro as a key. Then throughout the day we switched the lights about. Playing with different colours and looks. These type of music videos are all about having a solid plan of attack. Then being flexible when things get creative and you get a chance to experiment.


We used a mixture of handheld, Locked off tripod shots and gimbal shots to achieve the look we wanted. We depending on the lighting situation each type of format had it’s own advantages.